is an online store of wedding-chuda, bangles & kalira. We are client driven company and we understand the emotions & needs of a bride and her family.

We as a manufacturer of seep bridal-chuda realized that normally its hard for a small retailer to keep a wide variety of designs of original quality seep-chuda because of the factor of high prices of original seep & continuously changing designs. So local market stores came up with a solution, they started selling low quality plastic chuda which is economical in terms of money & it helped them in maintaining chuda stock in their store with just a very little budget, it also sells fast as it is in the budget of a walk-in customer.

But it was not fulfilling the traditional purpose of original seep bangles, which is to tie-a-knot in the relations of newly wedded couple. So we started associating with only those brands like us, who use original wedding bangle material in manufacturing their wedding-chuda-designs.

Also the change in the buying behavior of customers triggered us to create a platform where industry leaders can sell together & serve the quality concerned brides by delivering to their door-step, so now with bangle-house, the best & the original quality is just a few clicks away.

We launch new designs periodically as per the trend & demand. We are pioneer in our field and aims at gaining customer satisfaction in terms of- Quality, New variety, Price, On-time delivery and Satisfaction.

We possess customer-centric attitude, paying equal attention to quality, prompt communications and on-time shipment. You may choose us for exclusive quality & collection, We ensures hassle-free transactions, smooth processing of orders and long-term association